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Blossom 3D Sleep Mask

A Sleep Mask With Zero Pressure on Your Eyes

Thoughtful Designed, Soft and Breathable

Zero Pressure

sleep mask-colours.gif
sleep mask -homepage.png

Inspired from the Blossom

From Nature

sleep mask-from nature.gif
sleep mask background5.png

Nose Slot + Eye Cup

Designed According to Ergonomics of Human Face

sleep mask-double curved surfaces.gif
sleep mask background3.png

120° Concave Surface + Outer Arc Surface


Perfect Fit without Pressure, More Comfortable and Breathable


Say Goodbye to Pressure and Hotness on Forehead and Nose

sleep mask-double curved surfaces.png

Reducing Pressure with Concave Design Around the Eyes

Wake up with Intact Makeup

sleep mask-concave design.png
sleep mask background4.png


Special Velcro

Easy to Adjust, Comfortable to Wear

sleep mask-adjust.gif
sleep mask background1.png

Travel Big, with Small Bags

Handroll Storage, Save 70% Extra Space

sleep mask-storage.gif
sleep mask background2.png

5-tier 3D Design  

Every Tier Crafted for Better Wearing Experience

sleep mask 5-tier 3d design.png

Knitted Fabric with Air Layer

100% Skin Friendly Material, Dirt Resistant


Filling-Cozy/ Breathable/ Durable

sleep mask  material3.png

Special Memory Foam

Absorb Pressure from the Eyes, Super Effectively

Soft and Comfortable

with Zero Pressure on the Eyes

sleep mask material1.png

E-friendly Bamboo Fiber

Antibacterial, Natural, and Healthy

Clean and Care for Your Skin


sleep mask material2.png

Designed to the Details

sleep mask details-3.png
sleep mask details-2.png
sleep mask details-1.png
sleep mask background1.png


sleep mask-parameter-en.png


Blossom 3D Eye Mask + Neck Pillow

Blossom Travel Combo

A Real Relief from Long-distance Travel  

Less Pain, More Sleep