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Design Concept

Perfect Union of

Form and Functionality

To look for a perfect balance between

nature and urban life

and bring you the most comfortable and

fashionable experience with design

neck pillow-from nature.gif

Original 3D Shape

70% EXTRA Support and Comfort

Comfortable support for your head, neck and shoulder in long distance travel

neck pillow-3Dshape.jpg

Special Memory Foam Liner

Memory Foam with Tailored Firmness

A Warm Relief for a 10+ Hour-Long Journey

Best companion for people with cervical spine problems

or in need of comfy support in long hour flight

neck pillow-materials-memory foam.png

Support 4 Types of Resting Postures

Every Position in Great Comfort


Travel Big, with Small Bags

Handroll Storage, Save 70% Extra Space

neck pillow-roll into blossom.gif
neck pillow-roll up1.jpg
neck pillow-storage.png
neck pillow-cooling.png

Breathable Structure

Cool and Breathable with

13 Pore Full Hollow Memory Foam

Memory Foam with Cooling Structure


Suitable Just for You

Elastic Buckle, Easy to Adjust

neck pillow-buckle.png

Knitted Fabric with Air Layer

100% Skin Friendly Material, Dirt Resistant


Filling-Cozy/ Breathable/ Durable

neck pillow-materials.png
neck pillow-details-1.png
neck pillow-details-2
neck pillow-details-3


Blossom 3D Eye Mask + Neck Pillow

Blossom Travel Combo

A Real Relief from Long-distance Travel  

Less Pain, More Sleep


Package Box

Package Box

Package Box

Blossom Neck Pillow

Blossom Neck Pillow

PU Water-proof Travel Pouch

PU Water-proof Travel Pouch

Neck pillow-CARE INFO.png

More Colors


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