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Mini espresso maker on the go,
enjoy a perfect cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

Early bird price at $79 (20%off)

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OWNER Mini Espresso helps you prepare amazing shots, with a traditional machine's quality. Don’t sacrifice the comfort of your daily routine far from home. With OWNER Mini Espresso, you can enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime.


1, add ground coffee


2, add hot/cold water


3, plug in any usb power supply


4, press button to start

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Compact Cafe in your hand


Away form home doesn't mean to sacrifice your morning espresso.

Owner is potable like a water bottle,

Perfect size for camping or traveling.

Take OWNER anywhere and let it refresh your day.

One button for a perfect cup of espresso


One button operation,

automatic pump,

no hand push needed.

Easy to use and clean.

With OWNER, everyone can be a barista.

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Enjoy desk top coffee maker's quality


15 bar pressure pump allows OWNER

drive the sweet spot for creating great easting shots.

Designed for the highest quality espresso only.

perfect amount of pressure to make the finest brews

Always get the flavor you love


Give you more control over your coffee

by using any coffee bean/roast you like.

Always get the flavor you love

with OWNER's 8g capacity coffee powder case.

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Hot/cold brew espresso in 30 seconds


OWNER support both hot brew and cold brew

add hot or cold water in the water tank

enjoy your favorite expresso in 30 seconds


Dimension 0.55kg
Weight 217*Φ76 mm
Coffe powder capacity 8g
Water tank capacity max 90ml, min 50ml
Water temperature hot water above 85℃ or ice water
Extraction time 25-30 second
Extraction quantity 30-35ml with cream
Power usb cable